After that dragontude yesterday, I’m relieved to be back in the land of cute and cuddly. It is interesting to discover what I’m comfortable with and what makes me feel a little off kilter. Even in an inanimate object!

And, to prove to myself that brow ridges can be sweet, I present:


Well, the good thing is I know I can make a stern creature if needed, but I guess these little guys are revealing my predilection for kind and gentle. Discovery through art, everyone! =)

Oh, and that I love nostrils! Clearly.

safely back in the land of cute…
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One thought on “safely back in the land of cute…

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    October 14, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    These little guys are very cute. I would pick these over the red eyes but living with a house of boys, I know guys will like your red eye ones. Great work!


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