Though I focus most of my creative work on making beautiful glass for customers to display proudly in their homes and on their persons, I also like to have some fun making more light-hearted pieces as well.

Jenefer Ham Haminals ©
Jenefer Ham Haminals ©

My main pieces o’ whimsy are these sweet animal brooches. I started with the dogs back in 2004 and then realized I couldn’t leave the cat lovers out of the Haminal loop, and then I learned to knit, so had to make sheep…and finally I began keeping chickens so had to have some plucky clucks as well.

My hubby named them…see we are HAMS and they’re animals, so they’re HAManimals or HAMinals.

I make a donation to beagle welfare for each puppy sold, a donation to the RSPCA for each kitty sold, hens get a donation sent to the British Hen Welfare Trust, and sheep, well they like to support

jenefer ham bunny bee beads

I made these ornaments/zipper pulls/doodahs for my niece and nephew one year for Christmas to accompany the honey bees and the bunnies from which we gave on their behalf.

jenefer ham chicken markerAnd I made this sitting hen marker as a thank you for some lovely folks who bid generously during a board game charity auction my husband Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham was involved in, again in support of (they do good work!)

I am also able to do really interesting bespoke sculpture commissions in front of the torch to create a wide variety of designs, and love taking on challenges as customers request all sorts of interesting objects, so please contact me!



You can see the pieces I’ve got available at the moment, listed in my Etsy store: