Hello you lovely, lovely glass people!

Etsy has just informed me that they’re doing a $10 off any $40 purchase for the next two days!  The code is YES10

Please click to go to my shop:    https://www.etsy.com/shop/JeneferHamGlass   (clicking this direct link helps my stats)

You can use this offer over and over again!  And each time you check out you can use the code again to save $10 on that order!

This doesn’t cost me (the maker) anything…Etsy is absorbing the $10 discount completely!

This is especially great timing, as I’m going to be doing some traveling in December, so I won’t be doing any making or shipping then! So feel free to  do some early gift shopping  =)

I appreciate your support and hope you’ll find this info useful, it’s good for everyone on Etsy, not just my shop!

=) Jenefer

PS I’ll be listing some more jewelry in my shop in the next couple of hours as well.

Etsy’s offering $10 off a $40 purchase!

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