I currently live in sunny Malta, and every day, I think how lucky I am to look out my front window and be dazzled by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, complete with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.


So I guess it’s no surprise that my surroundings influence the glass I create in my studio!

Most days, I sit down and work for 5-6 hours behind my 1500° (C) / 2500° (F) propane-oxygen torch, crafting lovely pieces of glass to make into  jewellery. My aesthetics tend towards capturing the beauty of the Maltese seascapes, but I’ve got hundreds of colours in my palette, and can make a special piece for you, or your loved ones, and I ship world wide! Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat about a custom piece.

Here’s a nice photo to show a selection of my LandScene pendants:


And here’s one showing one of my SeaScene necklace and bracelet sets, plus one of my ECLECTIC bracelets.


And here is a recently completed commission to celebrate an anniversary. He wanted a ‘calm’ version of my SeaScenes design, and his wife’s favorite color is a soft turquoise blue. These photos were taken at the stage where I’d temporarily strung the beads, so I could check the composition and show him the beads from various angles, along with the actual size.


And just for grins, here is another SeaScene commission, where the directive was to have a daintier bead size:dainty

I love how each one is absolutely unique and personalized to the owner. What a great job I have!

If you’re in Surrey, England, you can see some of my jewellery in person at the following venues:

Guildford House Gallery, Guildford
The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen, Milford
The Lightbox, Woking

If you’re in Malta, I’ve got works at

The Gallery, Xlendi, Gozo
Organika, Victoria, Gozo

And if you’re not in England or Malta, you can see the pieces I’ve got available at the moment, listed in my Etsy store: