One of my favourite hobbies is playing boardgames with my wonderful husband, Richard  ‘Rahdo‘ Ham, who’s a bit of a celebrity in the boardgame world!

We can happily spend hours building up our medieval farms in Agricola, or saving the world from viral outbreaks in Pandemic, or simply trying to beat the clock and Escape the Curse of the Temple (you can watch us playing ESCAPE in this video). 


Because we enjoy our gaming so much, I started experimenting with making unique glass player markers and pawns to use in our play sessions, to make our gaming time even more special and personal. And as it turns out, these pieces have proven quite popular with the boardgaming community at large, and now I produce several different styles and sell them through my ETSY store and at conventions like Essen’s Spiel.

So if you’re a cardboard gamer, or you know someone who is, be sure to check out my markers (shown below). I can’t guarantee that they’ll increase your victory points, but they’ll definitely improve the quality of the game! 🙂

Oh, and I’ve also made quite a few custom markers, both individual markers and full sets.

Here is the set commissioned by a fan of  Freedom, The Underground Railroad:


And here is a set of 10 recently completed markers


And one of my favorite things to make are marker sets for wedding presents (or any-reason presents, come to think of it!)



So if you’d like me to make some markers special for *you* just click here to send me a message. Alternately you can quickly see the markers I have listed in my Etsy shop:

Thank you!  =)