Just a quick update to the last post: I now have the findings for the tie bars and discovered (after sorting through a couple of boxes) that I have three cuff link back options! Feel free to click on those links as they are now available in my Etsy shop, along with tie tacks/pins.

I have also listed the brooch/necklace converter option!

I’m out of small blue and small white meeples, and getting rather low on a couple other meeple colors…but next month I’ll be making a fresh new crowd (convocation? swarm?) of meeples, and adding turquoise and purple to the mix. 

Speaking of next month, I’ll be in my England studio almost all of August, so if there’s anything you need before September, please order in the next couple of weeks.  =)

Lastly, I’ve just updated the WITWIT listings (added some smaller ones at lower prices) and next week I’ll be photographing my newest lampwork jewelry, and dichroic stud earrings!

Let’s close with a photo of Daisy, who is wondering why I’m not in there workin’!

Two Oxycons per beagle (ish) item. That's just how we roll.


cufflinks and tie bars and pins, oh my!

2 thoughts on “cufflinks and tie bars and pins, oh my!

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    July 8, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Recommend a group of Meeples be called a “board”, as in “a board of meeples”.


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