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all the beaglesAfter experiencing atrocious December delivery delays due to the US Customs Office (some packages took 6 weeks to arrive!), we are back to normal delivery times. While Maltapost advises it can take up to 14 working days for shipments to the US, I’ve found it generally is faster than that, about 8-9 days to the East Coast and about 10-11 days to the West Coast. So, if you’re thinking glassy Valentine’s thoughts, normally I’d suggest posting no later than January 30th.

But this year I’m going to be visiting my family in the US, so I can hand carry orders received up to Feb 5th and post them after I land in Seattle.

I’ll be away until March 10, but Rahdo will be here in case you have any emergency glassy needs (and looking after the dogs and hens, and ya know–filming a Run Through or two).

Thanks to every one who voted on my last post, that was really helpful!


Valentine’s postal deadline
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