What fun I’ve been having with my new site, and futzing about the internet looking at widgets and gadgets and doodahs. Who knew all that cool stuff was out there…everyone but me? <grin>

This morning I found a neat little app that plots the zipcodes where pieces from my Etsy shop have gone. I love that, it’s like blowing on a dandelion and seeing the seeds waft off…and now, on this map, I can see where the seeds have landed.

When you’re a new maker it’s only family and friends who get/have/want(?) your pieces. Then comes lots and lots of practice to hone your skills and find your voice, and your designs evolve. Fast forward 12 years, open up an Etsy shop, find a groovy mapping app, and poof! there’s proof that you got stuff done last year.  =)

What a wonderful thing, to be shown in such a visual way that people like your work, and are enjoying it all over the world.

And how grateful I am to live in an era where I can work in beautiful little Malta, yet my pieces can be seen by everyone and delivered with minimum cost/fuss to anywhere.

Thanks to all the lovely people who bought pieces last year! This wouldn’t have happened without you! <hug>

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