Recently, some fellow glass artists asked how I make my turtles, and Rahdo helped me do a video. I thought y’all might enjoy watching, click turtles below: 

video link to jenefer ham making turtles

Can you believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted! How quickly time flies when one is stuck at home! I’ve managed to keep busy, although I haven’t yet made any pieces into jewelry. They’re piling up in riotous collections of gorgeous color! 

I have been experimenting up a storm, both with Bullseye (bought another artist’s inventory of limited edition colors) and with a new bunch of glass, which I shall here call 104 since it encompasses several manufacturers (Effetre, Moretti, Lausha, Vetrofond, Creation is Messy, Reichenbach, Double Helix) which are all COE (coefficient of expansion) 104. Bullseye is COE 90, and one ought not combine 90 and 104…pieces would expand/contract at rates different enough that they’d fracture or shatter apart. No one wants any of that!

So, to keep them separate, I’ve made another lampworking station in my studio. It’s perpendicular to my Bullsye area, and I’m currently moving my ventilation and torch from one station to the other, as needed. But I’m considering buying a second torch, as 104 (and particularly their silver glasses) seem to need a tighter flame than the torch that I’ve been so happy with these last 8 years.  Ah well, it’s tax deductible, right? Right!

So, here’s the instagram pics for the last month. I think I’ll just do a blog post every 12 instagram pics, since they fit so nicely on my “print screen” and it’s easy to make a graphic for this blog. And it’ll force me to post here monthly or thereabouts. =)  You can click anywhere below to go to instagram, where you can click on any photo you would like to see larger.

Jenefer  Ham's instagram posts2

Here are some other new designs that I didn’t put on instagram, but that I have just put up in my Etsy shop:

Pods by Jenefer Ham
Pods! What might hatch out of these….?

new turtles in new colors (104)

Lampwork beads made into bookmarks


Owls—they’re a HOOT!

In other news, Rahdo and I have just put in a couple raised garden beds, and I’m excited about growing lovely veg this year. I didn’t do much last year since I was away in England all of July (just plunked some tomato, zucchini and pumpkins directly into bags of compost). And trying to grow veg in Malta was a laugh…so hot, windy and dry. So it’s nice to be back in a mild climate and I have big hopes.

Sending best wishes that you are keeping well and happily busy.

Watch me make turtles!
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