I’ve been on the torch most days last week due to the orders lovely people have placed. Thank you,  I love being productive!

So…I’d made some LAYERS pieces a couple sessions ago, and left them on the counter, because I like seeing my creations, and since the kitchen is my domain, if a bit of glassy clutter is fine with me, the beagles certainly don’t object!

Anyhooo, yesterday I got on the torch to make some eggs, a dragon* and a couple more Gleeples to fill requests. Well, of course, I got a little carried away. This morning I gave them their baths. Usually I use a toothpick wrapped in paper towel to dry out the mandrel holes, but this morning, inspiration struck and I thought “I’ll stand them on their little heads and let gravity help me out.” Innovation…at 7am!

So that’s all fine, and I stepped away for a minute, and when I walked back into the kitchen I had to laugh at how the LAYERS pieces appear to be gazing in astonishment at the antics of the new guys (and gal). Did they ever do such a thing? Never! Hrmmma rhmmmma hurrumph.

I wonder if, this time next year, the Gleeples will be gazing in astonishment at my newest design. Nah, they’ll be busy cartwheeling their way to the loop attachment station.

gleeples, being gleepley
Gleeples, just being Gleepley


*Alas, the dragon is getting warmed back up in the kiln as we speak, because the metallic luster glass I like to use for accents didn’t fully mature and I have to try again by wafting it through an oxygen- poor flame. Getting it from the kiln at about 1000F into the flame which is between 1400-1800, without either thermoshocking (cracking) or over-melting the little guy is the challenge. Fingers crossed! I hope he survives as he’s really a cutie…has a long tail, bigger wings, and sparkly speckles!

topsy turvy…everything is upsy daisy!
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    September 1, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    they’re adorable!


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