Whew! It’s been a great week with fantastic feedback on the RUNEs! Thanks to everyone for the enthusiastic support! I had no idea they’d be so popular.  =)  My plan was to make 20 sets at the special introductory price, and I spent all last week making those. Hooray! Alas, I can’t keep up that pace, it’s too much repetitive motion and me elbows are aching.

So, because I need to make sure I actually have some sets on hand for Essen, I’m going to have to ‘pause’ the special offer until after Spiel. If there are any of the sets left after Essen, I’ll definitely reactivate the special offer on Etsy.

In the meanwhile, I’ve adjusted my Etsy listing to show that new orders will be made and mailed in late October. That’ll give my joints a chance to recover  =)

In other Essen Spiel news, I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be doing the Rah-Rah Rahdo free stickers again this year (here’s the link from last year’s video about this), so that’s another good reason to pop by the stand. I’ll have 100 each day to hand out!

And another question for Essen attendees. Are you interested in Rahdo or Gamer Glass shirts? I could do a special order and have them available for pick up at my table. It’d all have to be on a pre-ordered basis. Please vote below and if there’s enough interest I’ll do another post with the designs on Tuesday. To give an idea on cost, the Tshirts would be €20 and long sleeve tshirts would be €22. Sizes available would be small, med, large, XL and XXL.

Lastly, I’m working on a lot of one-off pieces to show at Essen. There will be oodles of meepley goodness on display!

In the meanwhile, here are some more little bowls/coasters.

img_1339 img_1346 img_1321


t-shirts? stickers! RUNE update

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