Thank you so much for the feedback on yesterday’s post. Here are the designs! First we have the RAHDO design on short- and long-sleeve shirts:


This is the design, since you can’t read the game box from this distance in the photos  =)spiel-tshirt-jpg

I’ve made listings in Etsy so you can preorder them for pickup at my table at Spiel.

Long Sleeves

Short Sleeves

Time is of the essence, so the listings will go inactive on October 4th to give enough time for them to be printed and shipped.

There is no postage for the t-shirts as you’ll be coming by the stand to pick them up, but if there’s anything else you’d like me to bring to you from my Etsy shop, be sure to use the code “ESSEN” when you check out, as that will apply free shipping to your entire order, since I’ll be hand-delivering to you at Essen.  =)

And, here are the long-sleeve and short-sleeve designs for Gamer Glass:

Spiel T-shirts available to order now
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