Essen Spiel is almost here, and LudiCreations has very generously shared a bit of space in their stand so I can show my glass game markers and jewellery. Their stand is Hall 1 – D129.

I’ll have a cabinet set up there, so you can come by and view the glass any time the show is open, however if you’d like to catch me, I’ll be there:

  • On Thursday: from 10-1 and 3-5.
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: from 11-2 and 4-6.

If you can pop by when I’m there, I’ll have a couple goodies for you:

  • First off, each day I will have 100 special Rahdo Runs Through stickers to hand out. They’re great to adorn your Spiel Badge/mobile phone/favorite game box/whatever.
  • But the really exciting announcement is that LudiCreations and I are having a drawing. The winner will receive a free copy of their wonderful new game ...and then we held hands (here is the game’s link…it’s on Kickstarter for three more days!) along with my specially created markers set:

markers for ...and then we held handsSo you’ll need to pop by to sign up to hopefully win!

On Sunday, right around 6pm, we’ll do the drawing for the game (including the glass markers), from the entries received at Spiel.

And then, once Rahdo and I are home, we will have a second drawing for another copy of the game and glass markers, but just from among my email subscribers. If you’re not subscribed yet, just go over there on the right and enter your email address, click subscribe and you’re good as gold!

I hope to see you at the show! It’ll be such fun to show all the glass in person! I’ve been working hard to make some new designs, and a lot of wonderfully unique glass markers for you to look at, fondle, and maybe take home!

Oh, and if you’ve had your eye on something particular in my Etsy shop, you may wish to let me know before October 6th, as pretty much everything is going to Essen. I’m happy to set pieces aside for you if you’re doing a little ahead-thinking about Christmas.

Oh! And here’s the video we just recorded, you can see the markers a bit more, and the sticker too!  =)

See you soon!

See my glass at Essen Spiel, and a contest!

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