I’ve been keeping myself quite busy these past quarantined months, experimenting with new colors and techniques. But now, I’m just about drowning in lovely glass bits, and I need some help deciding how elaborate to go — in making them into jewelry. Time for a poll, or two!  =)

Here are some photos of new pendants with three options for the bail. We’ve got my normal handmade sterling silver bail, we’ve got a silverplated simple bail and end piece, and we’ve got a more ornate option with accessory beads.

For the pendants, do you like
127 votes · 127 answers

Then there’s earrings. Ornate or simple?

And just to throw in a third option, there’s this cool earring finding (that’s what jeweler-types call supportive bits) which I rather like and am going to imaginatively call ‘dangly’ … but what do you think?

For the earrings, do you like
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Do you like the swarovski crystals for accents or shall we keep it simple with silver balls?

Do you like Swarovski crystals or silver balls?
46 votes · 46 answers

and lastly

Do you tend to want matching earrings for your pendant?
42 votes · 42 answers

And checking my instagram feed, I see I’ve posted 27 images since we last spoke. I think I’ve figured out how to cross post, so hopefully you all are getting notice of them in facebook and twitter as well as instagram. You can click on the image below to visit my Instagram page if you like.

Whew, a lot has happened since I last blogged, but more on that later…I’ve got jewelry to make…!

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As always, I appreciate your feedback and hope you all are keeping well.

new newness!

2 thoughts on “new newness!

  • Avatar
    October 23, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Looking forward to both pendants and earrings. The colours and the swirls look so pretty, I want to buy them right away 😉

    • Jenefer
      October 23, 2020 at 12:15 pm

      Thanks Liz! It has been hugely mind-expanding. All these new colors and how they interact with each other. Almost like starting over brand new, albeit with a few skills up my sleeve. =)


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