Happy 2018! I’ve been having a great time collaborating on glass player markers with the fine folks at Second Gate Games. After their hugely successful Kickstarter I’m thrilled to show off my newly created babies! Now, I know everyone always feels they must say how beautiful babies are, but in this case, there’s absolutely no need. Quite frankly…they’re MONSTERS! Globby, gloopy, googly Monsters. I love them! Perhaps it’s a mother’s love, but still. LOVE <3

Every Monster is Unique, player markers by Jenefer Ham
Yellow Monsters, each one with its own little personality!

Rahdo kindly made a video of me working on them, which I thought would be fun to share.

There’s quite a muster of Monsters on my kitchen countertop, and we’re all getting to know each other. I’m compiling some care and feeding instructions for the adoptive parents, as I can’t possibly keep them all. If you’d like “acouplefew” Monsters of your very own, you can obtain them by clicking here (worldwide shipping is included).

PS: Monsters will join my other glassy creations in my Etsy shop in the autumn, but for now I’m dedicating all my Monsterly energies to fulfilling the wishes of the Monster Lands Kickstarter backers.

Monsterous news!
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3 thoughts on “Monsterous news!

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    February 4, 2018 at 11:21 pm

    It’s so much fun seeing how they are actually created! 😀 thanks for showing us!


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