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           nice to meet ya!

As many of you know, Rahdo’s been in the USA for the past couple weeks but I’ve been keeping busy! In fact, I’ve just uploaded a nice selection of new WITWAT and DRAGONs to Etsy.

I will be making up earrings later today and listing them, along with some new pendants tomorrow!

Also, there’s a week left for Christmas mailings to Europe. Hooray!

Last Recommended Christmas Posting Dates:
Malta: till 20 December 2015
Europe: till 13 December 2015
Rest of the World: till 29 November 2015

We had quite a storm a week or so ago, this is as close to a white Christmas as you can get in Malta!

malta storm by jenefer ham

Hope you’re enjoying the twinkling lights, holiday music, and preparations as much as I am!

WITWAT by jenefer.net


Keeping busy!

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