My new oxycon arrived this morning (HOORAY!!!). I plugged it in, and it works beautifully, so I’ve been a busy girl today!

Here is my work area, just now. Hot…yes, 97 degrees. Time to call it a day, because…

97 degrees in the studio...whew!
97 degrees in the studio…whew!

me kiln is full! And all my mandrels are used  =) Look at all those orders, about to be fulfilled, yay!  Thanks again to all you lovely people and your patience while all the challenges were being overcome. <3

but even hotter in here
but even hotter in here…about 950 Fahrenheit!

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ll be back at it bright and early (and much cooler). I can’t wait!

Lastly, here is a little eye candy from the event at Guardian Games in Portland. I got to show off a bit of everything in the beautiful sunshine. It was good to air out the glass, and the husband, hehe. We met so many interesting people, and got a the skinny on the local game scene. It was a very nice day.

jenefer ham gamer glass
and it was hot here too with lots of wonderful sunshine…just lovely!  =)


it’s alive!

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