The other day I was out on the front porch brushing Tula, and I noticed how the horizon was blending into the sea, but with that unusual sparkliness a certain kind of light gives to the water.

It was lovely and I took a photo…


and went about my business thinking how nice it was to live so close to such beauty.

Then about a half hour later, I’m puttering about in the kitchen thinking about what to make for dinner, and glanced outside…holy cow…dinner will have to wait!


I walk across the street so I can have a photo without cars and power wires….


Does this not make your heart sing? Nature is amazing.


What a lovely, lovely sunset. I’m so glad I was here for it.

from this…to that!
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One thought on “from this…to that!

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    July 31, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    I suppose you and your sister can never get your fill on beautiful sunsets. Beck has taken at least 1000 pictures of the view from our house. I am much more of an in the closet kind of admirer of nature, but it is so nice to be related to others that are so willing to share it with others.



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