Just a quick note to let everyone know I’ve been working hard this week to refill my Etsy store, and have new photos online now of Gleeples, DINOs, Dino EGGs, and kitties (photo below…look at the tummy on Francesco…too much cream!)

It’s Matilda, Annabelle, Coal, Casper,Francesco and Gavin. Meow!

This is also a little reminder if people haven’t signed up yet for the ONLINE giveaway, then there’s still time, the drawing is Saturday Oct 25 at noon Eastern Time.

Lastly, it’s come to my attention that the knots on the adjustable necklace cord may be slipping loose. I bought a new reel, and it seems to be a bit more slippery than the last batch. So if yours has come undone, please just email me with your address and I’ll post  a new cord to you, free of charge. I have strategically applied a bit of superglue so the knots will never come undone. =)

Righteo! I’m off to play Steampunk Rally with Rahdo! Wheeeee!

fresh Gleeples and Dinos and Eggs
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One thought on “fresh Gleeples and Dinos and Eggs

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    October 25, 2014 at 6:26 am

    These are great. I think Casper is my favorite but they are all great! 🙂 Does it take a long time to make one of these?


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