How nice to wake up, open the kiln and find these lovelies all ready for their bath. I like to let them soak for a little while to rehydrate the bead-release (a clay-like slurry you dip the mandrel in before you start torching to keep the glass from sticking to the steel mandrels). Soon, I’ll use my locking pliers to help me twist off the glass, and then I have a diamond-coated bit which I use in a cordless dremel. This is to grind away the remaining bead-release.

I know the bead-release had failed on one of the green markers (it had broken free of the mandrel and embedded into the glass at the bottom of the marker). I’m interested to see if I can grind that away or if we’ve gained another green marker for our own collection!

Better get to it!

Jenefer Ham player markers and beads made on the torch yesterday
Jenefer Ham – player markers and beads made on the torch yesterday

PS For people viewing this on mobile phones, I know it’s hard to find the Etsy link on the mobile browser, so if you’d like to see my work for sale on Etsy, please click here. Thank you  =)

fresh from the kiln…
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2 thoughts on “fresh from the kiln…

  • Jenefer
    July 3, 2014 at 10:49 am

    Yep! Both of them if you look closely =)
    Glad they arrived safely. That was quick!


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