I’ve been glassing up a storm to have a lovely lot of glass to show y’all in the flesh at Essen Spiel next week!

There will be DRAGONS, DINOS, my brand new DINO EGGS, as well as some Dragon EGGS. There will be LAYERS and  CONFETTI, and double marker sets in various colors. There will be GLEEPLES! And KITTIES! And LandScene jewellery, LOVE heart necklaces, and…

… something completely different from my recent kilnwork in England! I’d drilled these a couple of years ago, but when we moved to Malta I sold my drill press. The cores had been sitting in a drawer and I finally knew what to do with them…make double sided player markers!

There are 5 of these heart/star/circle/square sets (shown below) where I sandblasted the shapes on to both the dichroic and the iridized sides of the cores.

reversible dichroic glass markers
reversible dichroic & iridized glass markers

And then there are 4 sets which feature hand-drawn shapes (including leaves, sunshine, flowers, hearts and more) blasted into the dichroic.

They are so colorful and feel really nice. Sandblasting gives glass a wonderful feel, like beach glass  =)

And, I used them all, so these are it!

And now, for the really fun stuff…


Rahdo and I will be running two drawings, like at GenCon, so come find us to sign up for the Spiel drawing, and/or fill in your email address over there on the right, and click subscribe and you’ll be done for the online drawing. All of you who are already-subscribed will automatically be included in the online drawing. Those who sign up at the show will automatically be entered into the online drawing as well.

Where can you find us during Spiel?

Well, we’ll be walking around of course, but otherwise, I know I will be hanging out

  • on Thursday and Friday from 12:00-13:00ish at the west end of the Galleria, and
  • on Saturday Rahdo can be found at the Galleria 12:00 to 12:30ish.

And of course you will likely see us wandering around the convention, so feel free to stop and see the glass and/or sign up then.

If you want to arrange a time and place to look at the glass, feel free to email me! Just click on the contact link in the upper right corner and I’ll get in touch!

What will the winners of each drawing win?

A custom bespoke Gleeple! The winner can choose color(s), wardrobe, facial expression, girl/boy and a thick or thin cord to turn their Gleeple into a wearable player marker.

When will we do the drawings?

Tuesday October 21 we will draw for the Spiel winner. Wednesday October 22nd we will do the online drawing. [edited Oct 21: the ONLINE drawing will now be done on Saturday October 25 at noon Eastern Time]


P.S. Rahdo did a video update for Spiel which also shows the double sided markers and some other goodies I’ll be taking to Spiel:

Hope to see you soon!  =)


Essen Spiel…contests!
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2 thoughts on “Essen Spiel…contests!

  • Avatar
    October 11, 2014 at 6:00 am

    These are great! Love the dragons so cute! Hope you two have a safe trip!

  • Jenefer
    October 12, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Thanks Jean! I’ve been on the torch every day, so I’ll have a really good variety of work to show at Essen. Can’t wait, only 3 days to go! =)


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