I’m thinking ahead! I’ve got an idea for a fused glass meeple holiday sign and wondered if peeps would preorder them for delivery in October. Here are the deets: meeple holiday hanging by Jenefer Ham

To give a feel for how the meeples look on clear glass, here are some ornaments I made a few years back. See how the meeples are fused on top of the glass? That’s how they’d be on the hanging.  

meeple hanging by Jenefer Ham

And here are some plucky cluck brooches. The dots are painted on using a special high temperature paint, which gets melted into the glass when the piece is fused. This is how I’d personalize the text on the hanging.

And lastly, because I know my idea sketch is not as good as a photo,  here is a pic of some window hangings I made about 10 years ago (before moving to Malta and then back to the USA). The hangings in the photo are smaller…about 2″x5″ IIRC. (I loved making these but I don’t make them at this time because all my boxes and boxes full of offcuts are still in England.) 


So hopefully that all gives you a good idea of what I’m offering. 

The cost per hanging would run $75-85 depending on how much customization was requested. I’d limit the run to 20. 

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments. Thank you!

custom meeple signs
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