Thanks to Cheryl, I’ve started thinking about the holidays…which you’d think I’d be doing anyway, but we live in Malta, and it’s still 75 degrees every day…well, it’s hard to feel very wintery.

Although…you may have seen the other day on one of Rahdo’s videos (Deus, final thoughts) that it was Hat Day, which meant I got to unearth the box with all my scarves and hats. They then sat on the dresser for a week or so, until today. Today was Organize Scarves Day! And what does one do on OSD? A spot of dusting and tidying up of the shelves where one might want to store one’s scarves–near the coat rack, naturally.

Gosh! What happiness a bit of tidying brings. It’s just lovely. And my annual dusting is complete <grin>.

But back to Cheryl. She lives in Canada and, quite understandably, has winter attire on her mind. She suggested I do some Gleeples with hats, or scarves, or boots! Booted Gleeples. Can you imagine?

Wait, you don’t have to. Here we have some Festive Gleeples, and the first Winter Gleeple all kitted out with hat/jacket/boots:

seasonal-gleeplesCIMG8474Don’t they look pleased with themselves!

And I haven’t strung it yet, but I was thinking about having Baubles with sparkles on the cord, instead of Buddies, for the Festive Gleeples.

T’is the season for decorations, after all.





beginning to feel a bit holidayish…
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