CIMG5866It’s great to be home! I’ve been torching like a madwoman to get Christmas orders made and have a few new pieces in my Etsy shop (I’ll be photographing the new WITWAT and Gleeples tomorrow). Also fitting in playing a lot of games with Rahdo as he wants to film all the new games from Essen as fast as possible!photo-original

Alas, we both caught a cold at Essen, but it appears to be the same version, so we’re getting better together! He’s made me promise to do fist bumps instead of handshakes next year at Essen <grin>.  I’m already thinking about next year’s Rahdo sticker…should I make it a different color, or an altogether new design? Hmmm….

But, back to this year’s Essen! We have just done the online subscribers’ drawing for a copy of …and then we held hands plus the matching glass markers. The video features a little song and dance there at the end <grin>

Spoiler Inside: The winner is SelectShow


And just in case the video goes offline or something, the other message in there was about hand delivery of glass to BGG.con in November. If you want to take advantage of that, please get in touch in the next week or so, as I need time to make your piece and have it ready for when Rahdo heads to Dallas on Nov 15. Many thanks! =)


And then they held paws…
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