Guess who’s been busy?

Jenefer Ham's gaggle of Gleeples
Gleeples…enjoying a bit of sea air

Jenefer Ham's Girl Gleeple

After three intense days on the torch I spent some time today  photographing glass and emailing  people who’d ordered things.

I fiddled about some more with the bail for the Gleeples too, came up with a great new design, but it’s not quite ready yet…will work on it a bit more tomorrow.

Tomorrow I shall be wrapping and posting, and will introduce my new little friends to Etsy.

And if you were waiting for me to sort out a nice girly-Gleeple, I think I may have cracked it…here’s the prototype, and she’s already found a new home. She’ll be going to live with Mary Bertram who won the Gencon drawing!

I’ve got plans on Saturday to make a few more girls, and a pair of dragons!

Hmmmm. There’s a sentence one doesn’t hear all that often.

Oh, and if you’ve always wondered what the black, white, grey and brown LAYERS markers look like, I’ve uploaded some photos.

Hope you’re having as much fun this week as I am!

a gaggle of Gleeples

One thought on “a gaggle of Gleeples

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    August 29, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    They’re adorable! I feel all asquee.


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