In case you missed my offer a couple of blogs ago, I wanted to make a post about it. I appreciate all the feedback about the cords, bails and beads, and would like to do something nice in return!

So if you are already a Gleeple keeper just email me a photo of your Gleeple and I’ll make you a complementary bead buddy to go on the cord so that there’s weight on the cord (and a pretty bit of glass!) when the Gleeple is off playing. Or if you’ve been considering becoming a Gleeple keeper, I’ll include a bead buddy for free when I send you your Gleeple!

This offer is good through November 10th 2014, after which I’ll be updating the Gleeple listing on my Etsy site to include an optional Bead Buddy.

In the meanwhile, I’ve just updated the Gleeple listing so there’s an option for a fixed length cord with a lobster claw clasp in the back, for those who liked that idea. There is not (and will not be) any difference in cost for the fixed length versus the adjustable length option.

In other news, I’ve finished The Big Project!

Chinese Checkers glass markers made by Jenefer Ham
Chinese Checkers anyone?

Whooohooooo! Color me pleased as punch!

a complimentary complementary bead for your Gleeple

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