Apologies it’s been so long! I’ve been busy as a beaver AND am about to head out on a Grand Adventure, so thought I’d better post a quick notice: if you’ve got any glassy needs for the next month, please visit my Etsy site and place your order before June 15 and I’ll mail it before I go. Otherwise I’ll be back July 12th.

Now then, on to the update and a few projects I’ve been working on…

Here is one of my new designs for this year, featured for Rahdo’s Kickstarter rewards (three-sided Ogre dice and earrings…complete with belly buttons!):

Ogres by Jenefer Ham
Some Ogres will be joining the crew in my Etsy shop in late July.

We are just back from a wonderful week in Istanbul! We enjoyed ourselves greatly and felt at home in the city. My favorite thing about Istanbul? The way they treat their stray animals. The neighborhoods take care of ‘their’ dog or cats, and the government supports it all with neutering and low-cost medical treatments as needed. Hooray! The dogs are beautifully socialised, friendly (but not pushy or beggy) and just add so much to the atmosphere. Just wonderful!

We have no need for a selfie stick–my Mr. has looooooooong arms!the Hams in Istanbul

A well contented dogistanbul dogs (1)
Dog and cat art  =)Listanbul dogs (3)ooks pretty stress-free here 
istanbul-kittyKitties cared for too!

But what’s new in glass? Well, the big news is the purple virus has matured! It was gelatinous in its infancy, and has grown into a statuesque teenager with Angela Jolie lips!Pandemic Game Virus Markers by Jenefer Ham

I love getting to be a small part of people’s weddings and I thoroughly enjoyed making 42 custom favours for Nicole’s special guests:

Glass Wedding favor markers by Jenefer Ham

Bride and Groom Wedding Gleeple Meeples by Jenefer Ham Speaking of weddings, I had a special request for two sets of Wedding Gleeples, which I think turned out pretty darn cute!

bride and groom meeple Gleeples by Jenefer Ham

And I returned from my trip to England with a good supply of these cast glass Meeples, along with some inspired by the Med, some purple, and some made with iridized glass. All are shown in my Etsy shop if you’d like to see more photos  =)

Glass Meeples by Jenefer Ham

What else?

memorial necklaces by Jenefer Ham
These are ones I made for family, incorporating fur.
Well, as many of you know we lost our beloved Tula to lymphatic cancer a couple months ago. It was an awful time. Completely unexpected, we were not prepared. However, it was very quick and it’s a comfort to know her suffering was minimal. I immediately made myself a pendant with her fur inside so I could keep her near my heart and added some of Dobby’s fur as well, and now a little bit of them travel with me everywhere. It’s been a comfort to me, and I know I am not the only one who has lost someone they love. So I thought maybe I could help others by making memorial glass which can incorporate ashes or fur/hair. If you want to know more, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

I will end with this relaxing video I filmed while at the Istanbul aquarium. Enjoy!


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